Guide to an Energy Efficient Furnace

Reasons your Energy Efficient Furnace is not operating at its highest efficiency

Is your furnace operating to its fullest potential? Your furnace comes from the manufacturer with an official efficiency rating called an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The AFUE expresses the percentage of energy consumed that contributes to the usable heat, versus the amount of heat lost in the heating process.

Modern Energy Efficient Furnaces operate with an AFUE rating of around 80%. Some furnaces labeled “high-efficiency” possess a secondary heat exchanger and can be rated as high as 95% AFUE.

Top reasons why your furnace is not operating at its highest efficiency standards…

It is too old.

Gas Energy Efficient Furnaces have a life expectancy of about 15-20 years. At the time of manufacturing, the AFUE standards were much lower than present-day standards. You can provide the manufacture with the make, model, and serial number, and they can provide the date of manufacturing. If the furnace is older than 15 years old, it is best to upgrade to a new furnace with a more efficient modern heating system.

Poor Furnace Maintenance

Regular Energy Efficient Furnace maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician can prolong the life of your furnace. Our technicians follow the manufacture provided procedures to support optimum efficiency, maximize performance, lower heating costs, and safely operate.

Many furnace and HVAC system warranties require routine maintenance to keep the warranty valid. If professional preventive maintenance has been neglected, schedule a furnace tune-up now to improve efficiency.

Improper Furnace Size

Every home should have a furnace installed based on the heating load required. The size of the home will require a specific BTU capacity that will be sufficient to heat the home adequately. There are problems with over-sizing and undersized furnaces.

A furnace that is too large can cause the furnace to cycle on and off too rapidly to heat adequately. If the furnace is too small, the unit will run for longer periods of time since it cannot heat to the desired setting.

HVAC and Furnace Issues

There are times that furnace-related issues can affect the system efficiency that is outside the HVAC system. These issues can result in poor ductwork or ductwork that is compromised. Damaged ductwork will cause your furnace to run for extended periods of time to reach the desired thermostat setting.

A poorly insulated home can cause a furnace to run for extended periods of time and it will struggle to reach the temperature setting.

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