High Ceilings: HVAC System Pros And Cons

HVAC System Pros And Cons Related to High Ceilings

So you bought a house with high ceilings, maybe a tray or vaulted ceiling, and some of the rooms have ceilings taller than nine feet. You still love it; it was just the house you wanted. It meets your style and aesthetic, but . . . you weren’t prepared for the higher energy bills that come with high ceilings or the way it affects the comfort of the rest of the house.

No worries. People typically buy houses for the looks and know little about the systems “behind the walls.” You really admire the faucet, but you didn’t check to see whether the pipes were copper or PVC. Believe me, this is very typical. But now, as a responsible homeowner, you need to step up and figure out ways to make it all work together.

The first question is—why should I care what the temperature is twelve feet up? Consider these two reasons:

The second question is—what can I do? Here are a few suggestions:

If your high ceiling is the result of a remodel plan, the load calculation must be completed again. The additional space may require an upgrade to provide the comfort your family needs. In summer, the increased air volume will require your AC to run longer cycles to keep the air cool.

Ceiling fans turn in both directions to move air up or down as needed. In both summer and winter, the ceiling fan should turn counterclockwise, pushing air down. In the summer, hot air is pushed down to ensure it recirculates; in the winter, warm air is pushed down to help make the house warm and cozy.

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HVAC System Pros And Cons

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