Home EV Charger Installation is Growing in Popularity

Home EV Charger Installation is Growing in Popularity

The sale of electronic vehicles (EVs) has been and continues to be slow and quite predictable.

In the U.S., several fears continue to stall EV sales. Buyers are still concerned about:

Yet, the benefits of EV ownership are substantial and EV sales in 2023 are projected to rise to 14%. Environmental and energy agencies increasingly encourage and regulate development and sales. The future is bright and EVs will play an important role in the vehicle market in years to come. They have the potential to end dependence on foreign gas and oil. Surveys show that 71% of Americans are at least curious about EVs for their next car purchase. If you are considering the purchase of an EV, here are some helpful tips to help make a confident decision.

Know Your Home EV Charger Installation Options

Each new EV comes with a simple Level 1 charging cord, which is both good and bad news. The good news, this connects your vehicle to any 120v outlet, allowing you to charge at virtually any location. The bad news, it takes about 24 hours to charge an EV in this manner from 0 to 100%. While this is not the best charging option, it is an important backup plan for every EV owner.

Level 2 charging options accommodate in-home charging, the most cost-effective and convenient manner of charging an EV. These charging stations are professionally installed in a residential garage and directly connected to the home’s electric service panel. The charging station uses a 240v circuit; charging takes approximately 6-8 hours for a full, 0 to 100% charge. The cost of charging from home ranges between $5 and $10 per charge, depending on the local cost of a kWh of electricity.

Level 3 charging is the charging infrastructure mentioned above and has positive and negative features. Positive features include:

Negative features include:

Have Questions About Home EV Charger Installation?

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