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How Home EV Charger Installation is Becoming More Affordable

Automakers have been experimenting with electric vehicles for nearly 150 years. While the results have been interesting and innovative, the technology was never considered commercially viable. That changed in 2008 when the Tesla Roadster was delivered to customers, capable of 200 miles between charges. During the first few years, confidence in EVs was low; with “zero” years in service, many questions were yet to be answered. The cost was high, and production was very low, so seeing an electric vehicle in action was rare. However, in the last fifteen years, the industry has changed and EVs are no longer oddities.

Charging stations are showing up in urban centers and government agencies are confidently planning to bolster production and usage. Now EVS are being considered viable options for everyday driving. As the odometers click out the miles traveled, confidence is building. Check out some of these innovations that may revolutionize the industry.

Home EV Charger Installation Options. When the first Tesla Roadster was introduced, the technology focused on battery life and the range between charges. However, more manufacturers, including both automotive powerhouses and some new startups, are entering the EV marketplace. With so many manufacturers, you can expect a variety of applications, which are turning heads and demanding second looks.

Battery Innovations. With each new generation of EV battery, the price falls and the range grows. Already, battery prices have fallen by approximately 85%, bringing costs within the range of internal combustion engine vehicles. The research is extraordinary, and the expectations are extremely high.

Charging Innovations. The infrastructure necessary to make EVs possible is taking time to develop. Charging options are limited currently, but soon that will change.

With these Home EV Charger Installation technological advances, the potential for electric vehicles to take their place in American car culture is tremendous. However, there are a few more advances that are required.

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