Home Generator Installation – Part 1

3 Home Generator Installation Considerations You Need to Know

Often, it is a significant power outage that initiates an investigation by a homeowner into a whole-house generator. It does not take much research to learn that this decision is quite complex and difficult. This two-part article walks homeowners through the process, from assessment of the need to maintaining an installed generator. Let’s get started!

The greatest threat of a lengthy power outage comes from severe weather events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and in some locations, heavy snowfalls. These events damage the power grid in multiple locations, requiring repair personnel to complete all the damage before restoring power to the whole grid.

Beyond the power grid, other infrastructure—water, fuel supplies, grocery supplies, and health care are also affected. Installing an emergency generator is done to encircle a home with a level of security and safety, and while it does not guarantee safety, it is a good protective measure.

Is this a do-it-yourself project? Well, the amperage needed ranges between 100 and 200 amps; one must be prepared to wire high voltage/high amp connections. It will require buried gas utilities or expertise in the safe storage of an ample supply of gasoline, in addition to knowledge about building code ordinances. To install an emergency generator, it will require more than a “jack of all trades.”

Assessing the Need for a Home Generator Installation

Sales staff will sell you what you ask for. Professional contractors will walk a client through the assessment process:

In addition, a contractor will know generator products and available options, and ensure the generator that is purchased can be customized to fit the power requirements of each home.

Selecting the Site for Your Home Generator Installation

Each home has a distinctive aesthetic, an individual approach to outdoor space use, and a unique collection of permanent features. The preferred installation site must:

Site Prep and Home Generator Installation

Once the site has been selected and the installation features determined, the site must be prepared for the installation.

Once the generator has been installed, the performance aspects of this project can progress. Watch for a further explanation of the process.

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