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Commercial facility owners and managers have tremendous responsibilities, juggling the business side and property concerns. Managing building systems is crucial and no one wants to pay to replace a system unless and until it is necessary. However, no one can afford to wait until a system fails—bringing the business side to a screeching halt for an extended period.

A facility’s electrical system is essential for any modern business. Lighting, HVAC, equipment, and data require electricity. Like every system, the electrical system has a limited useful life. Here are some key indicators to help facility managers know whether an electrical system repair or replacement is needed.


Electrical wiring is hardy and is meant to last–wiring is known to last between 40 and 70 years under normal use. However, technology changes over the years. Old wiring materials and technology caused problems, which led to improvements. The old technology is regulated out and the new technology is regulated into building codes. Knob and tube, cloth-covered, and aluminum wiring are examples of old technology that have become obsolete.

Increased Need

Advancing technology requires an increasing need for electrical outlets. If businesses require an abundance of extension cords, additional circuits are required. Additional outlets require additional circuits. Additional circuits require a new service panel to accept new circuits.

Hard Usage

Some electrical systems receive frequent, strong power surges, which cause wear and tear on the old system. New service panels are designed to reduce external power surges. However, some systems service equipment with extreme power draws internally, which puts stress on an electrical system over time. These systems should receive special consideration.

Wear Indicators

Eventually, an electrical system will communicate symptoms that require either repair or replacement. The frequency and severity of these signs will help determine which is required.


The results of overloading can also be observed by the senses. Observing sparks, feeling an electrical shock, feeling a hot faceplate or wire, and smelling “something burning,” should be taken very seriously. These are the severe indicators. Do not let them become frequent.

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