Houston Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Houston Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Your situation is certainly understandable. During the summertime, business increases to almost overwhelming levels, and scheduling everyone’s vacations makes things complicated. With so many distractions, it can be easy to forget to schedule air conditioner maintenance at your business.

HVAC Maintenance can be bothersome until you contemplate trying to run your business in the summer heat without air conditioning. Then you realize that Commercial HVAC Maintenance influences your business’s bottom line. It has a greater influence than you might think.

Employee/Guest Health Affected by Commercial HVAC Maintenance

During normal business hours, your employees stick around for at least 8 hours per day. Working without air conditioning would be very, very distracting. Consumers make choices and most will decide to do business in comfortable spaces. Air-conditioned spaces are not only cooler, but they are also less humid.

Americans expect 720 and 40-60% relative humidity indoors no matter the outdoor weather conditions. Air conditioners also filter the air, removing most airborne irritants that trigger allergies and breathing difficulties.

Avoid Downtime

Since both staff and visitors enjoy and expect air conditioning, going without during the summer will probably disrupt normal business and a prolonged outage will certainly result in extended downtime. It is unthinkable to experience downtime due to ignoring AC maintenance.

Significant Savings with Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Expectations and distractions are one thing, but commercial air conditioning accounts for 15% of summertime energy. There are tremendous real cost savings available by maintaining commercial air conditioning.

Use whatever scheduling software seems the most convenient to plan an annual inspection and cleaning. Your staff will thank you. Your guests will appreciate it. Your budget will reflect the cost savings as well.

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With our four decades of experience as a Houston Commercial HVAC Maintenance contractor, AirPro Houston provides you with the skill and expertise to assist with your AC Maintenance needs.

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Houston Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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