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A commercial air conditioner problem is a serious business problem. During the throes of summer heat, air conditioning is essential for commerce and service, for both staff members and guests. Different air conditioning technologies have different expected lifespans; facility owners and managers should become very aware of these differences.

There is a range of useful years with air conditioners that should draw particular attention since the cost of repairs and the cost of replacement will narrow. There are many factors to consider.


Most commercial air conditioners function well for between 15 and 20 years, some a little shorter and some a little longer. During this range of years, repairs may increase in frequency, and/or the cost of repairs may increase. Generally, a well-maintained system will last longer than a poorly maintained system.

Building Changes

When progress leads to remodeling spaces or renovations, this might be a good opportunity to replace your existing HVAC system. Changes to the space often require more cooling capacity; it might be necessary to build the replacement cost into the construction budget.

Tough Wear

Since most air conditioner components seem stationary, it is hard to fathom how they can experience wear and tear, but there is significant wear that happens.

Cost Comparison

An old air conditioner system, while cutting-edge technology when it was installed, uses old, less-efficient technology when compared to the technology in new systems. In addition, older air conditioner systems lose efficiency from the wear and tear mentioned above. These inefficiencies are demonstrated in the cost of energy needed to run the system and cool your space.

Between useful years 15 and 20, an old system is likely to experience smaller component failures that require repair visits by HVAC technicians. Often a failure will include a larger component and lead to “decision time.” Replacing some individual parts can be quite expensive and replacing the component approaches the cost of replacement.

Knowing the age of a system and watching these factors can help owners make an informed decision proactively to prevent catastrophic failure during business hours.

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