How Home EV Chargers Affect Your Electric Bill

Home EV Chargers and Their Changes to Your Electric Bill

Car purchasing time is often very stressful: new vehicle, new payment plan, and new insurance coverage. The choices are incredible: sedan, truck, SUV, economy, luxury, or utility, domestic or foreign. Most of these options are also available as electric vehicles (EVs) or internal combustion engines (ICE), so deciding on a vehicle just got more complicated.

Perhaps you are considering the purchase of an EV with a home EV charger but have very little information about such a purchase. While there are tremendous amounts of information from various sources, here is a bit more from an electrician source.

Cost of Maintenance of Home EV Chargers

Okay, this is a little out of the ordinary, but be patient. As you might know, there are three types of Home EV Chargers.

Cost of Charging

In determining the daily, monthly, and annual costs for charging, a little math is involved. It is not difficult but takes several steps. Locations and vehicle types will be the variables in the formula.

13,500 miles/year x .32 kWh/mile x $.13/kWh = $561/year

1,125 miles/year x .32 kWh/mile x $.13/kWh = $46/month, or about $1.60/day

Now, adjust the formula by plugging in the variables for your EV (kWh/mile), your average miles/year, and your local cost/kWh.

Putting it All Together

The cost of maintenance extends beyond those described above. An ICE requires the maintenance of an engine, transmission, and radiators that are not required for EVs. However, both require maintenance of tires, brakes, and windshields.

The cost of a Level Two EV charger can be factored into your formulas.

A comparison of the fuel cost for an ICE and the charging cost for EVs is substantial. To determine fuel costs for an ICE, determine the miles per gallon for your preferred vehicle. We will use 30 mpg for our formulas.

Plug in your variables to make them specific for your location and vehicle.

This information should accompany information from other sources, such as vehicle costs and vehicle maintenance. Together, the information will help you make a decision that matches your life situation.

Have Questions About Home EV Chargers Installation?

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Home EV Chargers Affect

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