How to Find a Great HVAC Company in Houston

How to Find a Great HVAC Company in HoustonWhen seeking out any type of service it is important to do your research to ensure that you are treated right any work is completed correctly. While the rating of your favorite cafe may not factor much into whether you’re having a latte that day or not, it should matter when seeking out the assistance of people who perform vital services for your home and office. If you find yourself in need of an HVAC company, before you schedule an appointment, look into the following to ensure you choose an honest and friendly company to help you.

Licensed & Insured

Always ensure that you only use services from licensed and insured HVAC techs. This not only saves you in case of an accident on your property, but it proves that they are viable and capable company that pays attention to local laws and regulations.

BBB Accredited

Another way of ensuring the company is legit and finding out if they treat their customers well is by checking their status with the Better Business Bureau. The higher the grade, the better, so look for an HVAC company with a A+ BBB rating.

Factory Trained/NATE Certified Techs

You should look into the type of training the technicians at the company receive. Factory trained and NATE certified techs are going to provide you with the most efficient and accurate service.

Financing Available

Not everyone has the finances available to pay for large HVAC services immediately. Working directly with the company to secure financing will often save you money.

Great Online Rating

It’s wise to check the ratings and reviews of companies to see what real customers have to say. If they’re above 4.5 and have more than 200 reviews, you’ll be in good hands.

Years of Experience

Finally, check to see how long they’ve been in business — the longer the better! A company with decades of experience has proven that they care about their community and work hard to create lasting relationships.

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