Hurricane Electrical Safety – Storm Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane Electrical Safety: Preparing for Hurricane Season 2022

Major storms, including tropical storms and hurricanes, move from the south Atlantic to the North American coast and the Gulf of Mexico every year on a regular basis; most of these storms will come between early June and late November. On average, 2 major tropical storms (tropical storms, depressions, and hurricanes) make landfall each year in Texas. These storms are serious weather events that have included 63 major storms since 1851. Hurricanes pose three major dangers:

Because of these dangers, government agencies at every level encourage south Texans to prepare for the next big storm. Your plan should include preparation before the storm arrives, plans to weather the storm, and a recovery plan for the aftermath. We offer a beginning Hurricane Electrical Safety guideline for pre-storm preparation; please adapt this for your home, family, and setting.

Hurricane Electrical Safety: Plans to Go

Hurricanes are classified into five categories, with Category 1 being the least intense and Category 5 being the most intense storm. Your pre-storm guideline should take all 5 categories into consideration.

Hurricane Electrical Safety: Plans to Stay

Hurricanes are serious storms and power outages are to be expected. Damage to power poles and lines will be widespread and no one can predict how long the outage will last. For this reason, you must gather supplies.

Hurricane Electrical Safety: Prepare Your Home

Such storms are predictable—expect high winds and heavy rains; but the amount of damage from such storms is unpredictable. Prepare your home to minimize damage.

Have Additional Questions About Hurricane Electrical Safety?

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Hurricane Electrical Safety - Storm Preparedness Checklist

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