HVAC Efficiency in Your New Home

3 Things to Consider About the HVAC Efficiency in Your New Home

Wow! Your first house! After the saving, the search, and the negotiation, your dream of finding the perfect home is becoming a reality. Whether you are buying your first house or building a new house, being a homeowner brings different responsibilities.

Homeowners are tempted to focus on the visible things like the perfect room layout, beautiful surface treatments, or the big yard. Prepared homeowners recognize a home is more than good looks.

The air conditioning and heating system is not the most visible part of the home but has it has a tremendous impact on utility costs, comfort, and safety. If you are new to homeownership, here are three things to consider about your new heating, ventilation, and HVAC Efficiency.

  1. The Heating and AC Units. Consider participating with the Inspector; you will learn a tremendous amount about your new castle. Take note of the mechanical components, looking for signs of wear or trouble, rust, or decay.

    The AC condenser on the outside should be well maintained and the indoor component should be clean and well maintained.

    If your HVAC components are more than ten years old, consider beginning a relationship with an HVAC professional and requesting a system assessment.

    An aging system might be increasing energy & utility bills; an assessment can help you determine how soon the cost of a new system might be recouped with lower utility costs. An assessment might also help you plan for an eventual system replacement

  1. The Duct system. Chances are you will see very little of the system of ducts that move the air throughout your house. Being aware of vent placement will help you determine furniture placement—keep them all uncovered.

    An inspection of ducts in the basement or the attic should reveal well-maintained ducts, with no loose connections or gaps. If your ducts are in need of repair, call your HVAC professional.

    Be confident that duct repairs are a relatively simple and cost-effective process. Don’t let your units work harder than necessary and sacrifice HVAC Efficiency because of leaky ductwork.

  2. The Insulation. Unless you are building a new home or remodeling, the attic may be the only insulation visible, but it will be a good indication of HVAC Efficiency by the state of the insulation barrier throughout your home.

    Insulation creates a thermal barrier, keeping the comfortable air inside and the unconditioned air outside. Proper insulation will make your home comfortable and maintain HVAC Efficiency.

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