HVAC Hurricane Preparedness: Prepare Your AC Unit for Hurricane Season

HVAC Hurricane Preparedness: Tips for Homeowners

Weather events lead to about 100 major power outages annually across the US; thirty-seven states commonly experience major outages due to major storm events, extreme temperatures (both cold and hot snaps), and flash flooding.

During the Gulf Coast hurricane season, from early June to late November, the potential for widespread power outages is the greatest. Extreme storms can down utility poles, while trees and limbs can take out power lines.

Your own experience with such storms should inspire you to make significant plans for how your family can weather power outage events. Government agencies offer suggestions for extensive storm planning steps to help families prepare. This article will focus on plans for the 24-hour period before a hurricane event.

If you determine to ride the storm out at home and expect to be without power for from two days to one week, you can take the following steps to prepare.

Minimize damage from these conditions by:

The same is true of refrigerators and freezers: keep the doors closed unless opening it is absolutely necessary. This will keep cold and frozen food at the proper temperature for as long as possible. After the storm, prepare to grill food outdoors while waiting for the power to be restored.

Once the power is restored make sure to remove the cover for your outdoor unit; without adequate airflow it will overheat and cause a catastrophic failure.

Prepare for the hurricane season by having your HVAC system inspected and cleaned. Let us avoid certain maintenance problems and detect others. For months after a major hurricane, we anticipate a full schedule of repair and replacement for several months. The time to schedule preventative maintenance is now before the season begins.

Let us help with your HVAC Hurricane Preparedness

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HVAC Hurricane Preparedness: Prepare Your AC Unit for Hurricane Season

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