HVAC Maintenance: Ultimate Spring Checklist

Ultimate Spring Checklist for HVAC Maintenance

We look forward to the coming Spring each year. Warm weather and plenty of sunshine make ball games, cookouts, and evenings on the deck, listening to songbirds and children, very pleasant. It is also an occasion to switch the thermostat from HEAT to COOL.

How long has it been since your air conditioner ran? Perhaps four or five months of inactivity should prompt you to give it a little pre-season care!

Do-it-yourself HVAC Maintenance Tasks

Air conditioners require great quantities of air to move across the refrigerant coils. Since dust and dander collect on the filter, it eventually clogs the filter, so make sure the filter is clean at the beginning of the cooling season.

The drain pan is situated under the coil. The moisture that is removed from the humid air drips into the drain pan. Clean away any debris from the drain pan; this can get caught in the drain line and result in an overflow. Pour the remaining solution into the pan. This prevents algae growth in the drain pan and line.

Professional Tasks

Some tasks need to be completed by a professional technician. Those tasks include:

This might be an ideal time to replace an old thermostat with a Smart thermostat. These thermostats are programmable and adaptive, and they have a cellphone app that allows customized comfort selections.

Let us help with your Spring HVAC Maintenance!

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