5 Signs You Need to Make an HVAC Repair Appointment

5 Signs You Need to Schedule an HVAC Repair Appointment TODAY!

When air conditioners are new, they require very little attention. Changing the air filter every quarter, check. Annual maintenance by an HVAC technician, check. Cleaning the outdoor condenser coil with a garden hose, check.

However, after a decade or so, it is not unusual for a problem to arise with a switch or capacitor, and for the system to gradually lose efficiency. Knowing that the average air conditioner will perform well for 15 to 20 years, as a homeowner, you may be looking for telltale signs of an imminent failure. Here are some things to watch for.

1 Repeated HVAC Repair Problems

If the HVAC repair technician discovers and repairs a problem, that is normal. If the tech discovers the same problem annually—needing to replace a switch each year or add “a little bit” of Freon each year—this is an indication of an underlying problem. Whether that problem is a major or minor will need a little investigation.

Repeated problems are indicators that there is a deeper problem.

2 Hot Spots

Another telltale sign happens when an air conditioner that kept an entire house cool for the last decade now begins to struggle with the same task. The room farthest from the AC cabinet or an upstairs bedroom is not getting adequate cool air. At first, it might only be noticeable during really hot days, but later, it happens more frequently.

Check to make sure the air filter is clean and that the vents are not covered. If the room(s) is still uncomfortable, you have uncovered another telltale sign that your air conditioner is declining in efficiency.

3 Sudden Energy Use Spike

Most homeowners pay utility bills without paying close attention. The price of everything seems to always go up and it is no less true than with the electric bill. However, when the electric bill spikes suddenly during the cooling season without another explanation, this may be a telltale sign to notice.

The air conditioner is a machine, trying to do everything that it is required to do. If something is wrong, it must work harder to accomplish the task, and this normally requires more electricity than normal. The utility bill is the medium of communication for this telltale sign.

4 Unusual Noises

American families are surrounded by the hum of electricity from dozens of devices, active in every room of the house, the classroom, and the workspace. Unless impaired, our ears become so attuned to this chorus of humming, that we usually block it out and ignore it. For that reason, a new or unusual noise is often picked up quickly by someone in space—this happens even in the presence of entertainment devices, such as a television.

A new noise from the air conditioner might be a loud buzz, intermittent clicks, or a slight rattle. Sometimes family members will pick up on a longer-than-normal cooling cycle. On a day with triple digits, that is not unexpected but may be a telltale sign otherwise.

5 Water Leaks

The evaporator coil in the central air cabinet is responsible for removing excess moisture from the air. Water condenses on the coil and drops to a drain pan below. The drain line carries the water outside. Sometimes the drain line can become clogged, causing the drain pan to overflow. However, the loss of refrigerant gas will cause the water that is condensing on the coil to freeze solid.

When the cooling cycle ends, significant ice melts away, overwhelming the drain pan, and causing it to overflow. When your air conditioner is leaking water, remove the cover that conceals the evaporator coil to see if this is another telltale sign.

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