HVAC replacement or HVAC Repair?

Deciding Between HVAC replacement or HVAC repair

During the fall, it is not unusual to have temperature swings that require both the air conditioning and heater on the same day. This highlights how dependent we have become on our HVAC system for comfort and health, and it would be terrible to do without it for several days or weeks.

Whenever a repair is necessary, it might elicit some concern about eventual replacement. How will you know when it is time to replace rather than repair the system? Here are the top HVAC replacement vs HVAC Repair indicators that will help you make a wise decision when that time comes.

Know the Age of Your System

Major air conditioner components have an average lifespan of 15 years, while furnace components will last a little longer, about 20 years. If you know when your system was installed, it will give you an idea of when the system should be replaced. While it is possible to replace the air conditioner without changing the furnace, it is most common to replace both at once.

Technological Advances

In recent years, researchers have produced advanced refrigerant gases—the key to air conditioning and heat pump heating. Older gases have been determined to be hazardous to the environment and will no longer be manufactured.

Therefore, if your aging system leaks an outdated refrigerant gas, replacement may be quite expensive or impossible. If you need to determine the refrigerant gas of your system, research the make and model number online.

If your system is ten years old or older, technological advances in new systems will significantly reduce energy consumption and therefore reduce the cost of heating/cooling.


Government agencies and local utilities offer financial incentives for replacing aging systems. Government agencies are encouraging lower carbon emissions. Local utilities can reduce their cost by producing less energy. One HVAC system with improved efficiency does not make a difference, but encouraging many improved systems will make a difference.

These incentives will not cover the entire cost of a system replacement, but they will definitely help most family budgets.

HVAC Replacement or HVAC Repair Costs

Complex repair cost calculators are available but are not necessary. A few indicators will help you determine that the required repair is too expensive.

These indicators should prepare a homeowner to determine when a repair is too expensive.

Family Comfort

An aging system may also lose efficiency to the point where your family is uncomfortable—too hot in the summer or too cool in the winter—may be the deciding factor in your decision. An aging system may also negatively impact the indoor air quality in a home, making the space uncomfortably humid, dry, or have a musty smell.

These factors will give homeowners adequate information for deciding to forgo the repair in favor of a system replacement.

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HVAC replacement or HVAC Repair


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