How Humidity Effects Your HVAC System

The Negative Effects of Humidity on Your HVAC System

The relative humidity in the Amazon rainforest regularly exceeds 90% during the month of July. Oddly enough, the relative humidity also exceeds 90% in Houston Texas during the month of July. Houston gets about ½ of the Amazon’s rainfall, but some days it doesn’t feel like that.

We often appreciate air conditioning for the relief from the relentless heat, but when an air conditioner removes humidity from indoor air it allows modern living in the deep South. It will maintain a safe and comfortable 40 to 60% humidity indoors—a modern marvel.

Dry air does not affect air temperature, but it does contribute to comfort. Without air conditioning, indoor spaces are hot, muggy, and smelly. Blooms of mold and mildew would ruin belongings and leave the air unsafe to breathe. Homeowners should fully appreciate this function of air conditioning and take steps to enhance the feature.

How It Works

The two necessary components of removing humidity are lots of air movement and cool tubes in the evaporator chamber.

Helping With Humidity Removal

Air conditioner systems have a pretty consistent record of longevity—the average system lasts between 15 and 20 years. One approach to this fact is to nurse an old system for as long as possible. A better approach is to plan a replacement since the new system will be much more efficient than the old, aging system.

Are the effects of humidity impacting your HVAC system efficiency?

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