HVAC System Office Temperature and Productivity

HVAC System Office Settings for Best Productivity

NASA Science describes “the Goldilocks zone” as a very small area around a star that will permit the natural accuracy of H20 in liquid form, with the chemical resources to support life. In our solar system, this area does not include Mercury, where water would boil away, or Mars, where it would freeze solid. Microbial life can be found in extreme environments, but more complex life functions require a narrower environmental window.

As the Texas economy continues to grow and people return to office spaces, the focus of employers is now on attracting new employees and retaining great ones. Every possible advantage for employee retention becomes important and that extends to the benefit of a comfortable workspace.

It is in no one’s best interest to ignore employee complaints about room temperature since comfort leads to productivity. Today we are looking at finding the “Goldilocks zone” in your office space to satisfy all your employees and increase productivity in the work environment. Is there a perfect office temperature? Here are some strategies to consider:

Why is temperature important to the workplace?

When the temperature setting affects the bottom line, it is worth considering. First, consider whether recent changes made by employees might have contributed to temperature extremes.

What is the Goldilocks zone in office temperature? The ideal temperature will not work for everyone, but let’s look at some research:

Other factors also affect comfort besides air temperature. They include ventilation, air quality, season, and body type.

Working towards finding a “just right” workspace temperature can contribute to a preferred and productive work environment. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Need help finding your HVAC System Goldilocks zone?

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