HVAC System Replacement: 6 Reasons Remodeling is the Best Time

6 Reasons an HVAC System Replacement Should Be Done When You Remodel

Major building renovations are both exhilarating and terrifying! Change and innovation should improve and enhance business, but the planning and implementation can be so challenging. While you are expanding spaces, moving walls, and researching technologies, you might forget to consider a new HVAC system for your remodel.

That might especially be the case if the renovation does not change your basic footprint. The current system should serve the same space. Right? There is more than just square footage to consider for an HVAC system load calculation. Here are several reasons you might need a HVAC System Replacement as a part of your commercial building renovation:

The Age of the Current System.

Commercial HVAC systems work long and hard. Like any mechanical system, they will reach an end of serviceability. The average commercial HVAC system functioning for about 20 years. If your system is approaching or has surpassed that average, replacement should be seriously considered. Making another capital investment two years after your remodel reflects poor planning.

Ensure the Size is Correct.

HVAC systems are “sized” using a load calculation; square footage, door and window openings, ceiling heights, and system technologies are parts of the equation. Heating is sized in British Thermal Units or BTUs and air conditioning is sized in tons. This calculation can be done using your proposed changes and existing components to give you an idea of whether the new units will serve the new construction well. HVAC systems that are either too large or too small will waste energy and lead to premature wear on component parts.

Renovation should seal leaking windows and doors—perhaps with new products that reduce infrared rays. It may involve new lighting technology, reducing the heat gained from incandescent bulbs. It may include new spaces with special heating or cooling needs, such as an expanded kitchen in a restaurant or a server room. Make sure the new space is comfortable and healthy for staff and guests.

Duct Placement.

The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation, the movement of safe, fresh air throughout the building. A new floor plan and changing the building layout affects how the air moves and could isolate certain spaces. Both the ducts and the supply vents will need to be changed to meet the requirements in the new spaces. Return air chases will also be strategically located for optimum airflow. These changes are also a part of the load calculation mentioned above.

Building Usage.

If your renovation accommodates a new client with a different usage for the same space, it may require installing a new HVAC system. The heating and cooling need changes when converting a fitness center to accommodate a new banquet center. A pizzeria morphing into a bookstore will naturally change the level of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The hours of operation or additional equipment might also require a new system.

Occupancy Level.

The human body is very much like a small furnace, putting off heat at a temperature of about 98.60 Fahrenheit. If your remodel has a goal of increasing the number of occupants—rather staff, guests, or both—this will affect the requirements for both heating and cooling. Since you are adding human furnaces, it should lead to lower heating and greater air conditioning needs, even if you are conditioning the same amount of space.

Odor Control.

We already mentioned that changing the layout can alter ventilation. That will become abundantly clear when considering exhausting odors. Whether needing to move odors from restrooms, roasting coffee, or exercise sweat, the movement of air will significantly impact the final results. Preparing for proper ventilation might require the replacement of the current HVAC system.

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HVAC System Replacement: 6 Reasons Remodeling is the Best Time

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