Don’t Ignore these Signs of Commercial HVAC Trouble

Don’t Ignore these Signs of Commercial HVAC TroubleCommercial HVAC systems have a big job, which is to keep employees, customers and other visitors to the facility comfortable. The system may also be tasked with refrigeration or other specific duties, based on how it is set up. A properly working HVAC system is critical to maintaining maximum workflow, performance and profitability. This is because if the system is unable to do its job correctly it could cause downtime in production or prevent people from even coming to work due to poor condition. If you encounter any of these signs of commercial HVAC trouble be sure to contact a reputable HVAC technician immediately.

Increasing Energy Costs

One of the most telltale signs of HVAC trouble is rising energy costs without manually increased output of the system. This often means the system must work harder to cool or heat a specific area due to faults in the system.

Improperly Tempered Air

If you’re unable to get warm air in the winter or cool air from the air conditioner in the summer, something is obviously amiss. Incorrectly tempered air could be caused by a failing furnace or AC unit, blocks in the ductwork or other troubles. A professional HVAC technician will be able to complete a thorough analysis to identify the trouble.

Smells & Sounds

If you ever heat your heating system or AC unit making weird noises it is important to call an HVAC company right away. The same can be said if any unknown odors are flowing from the vents.

End of Equipment Lifespan

All HVAC equipment has a suggested lifespan. Depending on the brand and quality that can range anywhere from 10 to 25 years or more. If you are aware of when your HVAC equipment was installed and know how long it is supposed to last, then you will want to have it analyzed by a technician as the end date nears. Putting off repairs or replacement of equipment that is due for service could result in major downtime if the system were to completely fail.

Acting quickly when you suspect HVAC trouble is the best way to reduce or prevent downtime and productivity loss in any business. For professional commercial HVAC repair in Houston reach out to AirPro. Our team of certified commercial HVAC technicians can assist with repair and replacement of any components. Give us a call at (281) 880-8805 to request an estimate for quality HVAC service in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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