Maintaining Your HVAC System During Winter

Maintaining Your HVAC System During WinterAs we dive into winter it is important to give your home’s HVAC system a thorough once over so that you don’t end up any colder than you ought to be. While HVAC maintenance isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the holiday season, now is the perfect time to call in the pros to ensure you’re ready to go for winter, if these tasks are above your DIY skill level. Here are a few things an HVAC technician may conduct to restore the health of your home heating system.

Change the air filter

Now is a great time to change the air filter in your HVAC system.Not only will a dirty air filter lower the air quality in your home, but it can cause the system to run less efficiently as a whole. There are different types of filters available, including ones that help remove allergens from the air, so do your diligence to ensure you get one that best fits your needs.

Visually inspect the furnace

Check your furnace for any obvious signs of wear. Cracking or dry rot of the belt indicates that it needs to be replaced. If you turn your furnace on and it continually whines and squeals, it’s probable that it needs to be serviced by a professional technician, as it could be suffering from belt issues or poor lubrication, resulting in less than ideal heating.

Clean the Ducts

If your home’s air ducts are full of dust bunnies, air is not going to be dispersed throughout the home as efficiently. First off, ensure that vents are clear and clean, but furthermore, schedule duct cleaning to maximize the effectiveness of your heating system throughout your entire house.

Routine HVAC maintenance

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your home’s heating system is operating at maximum performance is to schedule annual maintenance with a professional residential heating company. A technician will be able to inspect all components of your home’s system, from the furnace, the vents to the control panel that ties it all together. Any issues will be addressed, and they’ll conduct preventative services that will reduce the chances of furnace failure.

If you’re not getting the warm air you need to stay comfortable in your home be sure to contact a professional residential heating company. For expert home heating repair in Houston or the surrounding communities contact Air Pro, A Quality Service Company. Our team will be able to identify any troubles that your system may have when temperatures really start to fall. Give us a call at (281) 880-8805 to learn more or to request a free estimate for HVAC repair in Houston.

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