Major Benefits of Using 3 Prong Outlets

For Your Safety, Change 2-Prong Outlets with 3 Prong Outlets

In 1962, building codes were modified across the country to require new construction contractors to install 3 prong outlets as a safety feature. If your home was built before 1962, you might still have 2-prong outlets; they are a safety hazard and should be replaced. How can you tell whether you have 2 or 3 prong outlets? Consider the emojis: a 3 prong outlet has a face of surprise, while a 2-prong outlet has a blank stare.

Why do I need an upgrade?

The 3 prong outlet has an extra wire that serves to ground the outlet, while 2-prong outlets do not. Why do you need the extra ground wire?

When these, or a myriad of other things happen, the extra energy will need to go somewhere. An overloaded outlet can get too hot and scorch the outlet or melt wiring. The extra electricity may exit the outlet and start a fire or worse, shock/electrocute someone.

The Safety Feature

The extra prong is a safety feature–a third wire that can channel any extra electricity back to the service panel and out into the power grid. The process may or may not trip the circuit breaker at the main service panel. It will prevent harm or damage that might result from escaping the electrical system.

If you have 2-prong outlets, you are probably relying on many 2-prong adapters, that allow you to plug 3 prong appliances into 2-prong outlets. This should be a short-term solution. The new appliances are designed to be safe, but the 2-prong adapter takes the safety feature away.

What can be done?

In most applications, a home with 2-prong outlets will have wiring with only 2 wires. An electrician can inspect to make sure. If your older home, built before 1962, has older wiring, an electrician will need to replace it with the safer, 3 wire type. The extra wire connects to the ground portion at each outlet to keep your home safe.

Another option is the installation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) at each outlet. However, this is a short-term fix and will also need to be completed by an electrician.

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Need Help Converting to 3 Prong Outlets

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Major Benefits of Using 3 Prong Outlets

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