New AC Installation: What to Expect on Installation Day

New AC Installation – What to Expect the Day Your New HVAC System is Installed

Comfortable temperatures and improved air quality are just a few hours away. Your new AC installation day is here and there should not be a source of anxiousness. We have put together a list of items to expect the day your new HVAC system is installed.

Be at home during your New AC Installation: If the homeowner cannot be present during the install, an adult over the age of 18 must be on the premises while our installation team completes the work. Throughout the installation process, there may be questions about the equipment, its placement, or its functionality that may need to be addressed.

Make sure your pets are out of harm’s way, for their safety and ours. A new AC Installation can be noisy and will require strangers into your home. Pets do not always agree with the noise and the presence of strangers in their homes. In addition, doors may be open for extended periods of time while bringing equipment into your home.

This may present an easy escape for pets and could be a tripping hazard to our installation team and your family pet. We highly suggest limiting your pet’s access to the work area or planning for your pets to be outside of the home to keep everyone safe.

Make childcare provisions. Getting a new ac system is exciting for everyone, even the smallest of family members. The excitement of new people in the home and the curiosity of the equipment attracts children. We highly recommend that children are kept at a distance from working areas for their safety.

Make Outdoor Units Accessible. Our installation team will need direct access to your outside air conditioning unit. Any landscaping, outdoor furniture, or overgrown bushes will need to be removed prior to the installation.

Keep a clear path to the indoor installation location. Your new AC installation will require some room to work. The footpath between the entry to your home and the installation location will need to have a clear path for our install team. Removing furniture, home décor, or any wall hangings will make the installation process quicker and easier for everyone.

Keep the attic area clear. Your attic accumulates holiday decorations, memorabilia, and boxes of items to donate. Your new AC installation will require extensive attic access. You will need to allow adequate room for our installation team to work. Our team will need six feet of clearance at a minimum to install your new AC system.

After the New AC Installation is Complete

After your new air conditioning system installation is complete, our technicians will ensure that it is working properly by testing each system and component. After this testing is complete, we will answer any questions about the thermostat settings or functionality of your new system.

We will also follow up a few days later to ensure that your new AC installation is as you expected, and you are back to enjoying comfortable temperatures in your home.

Interested in a New AC Installation?

Our four decades of experience as a commercial HVAC Unit contractor, AirPro Houston provides you with the skill and expertise in New AC Installation for your home.

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New AC Installation

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