Power Outages: How to Prepare Your Home

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Power Outages

Present-day homeownership seems to get more complex with every passing year and the weather in Texas does not make it easy. Weather-related events cause trouble at every turn and that includes an increasing number of power outages. Most Texas power outages in the last decade were weather-related and about 150 outages happen annually: thunderstorms with high winds and tornados, hurricanes, and the occasional cold snap with ice or snow account for most power outages.

Homeowners should make themselves very familiar with emergency preparedness plans prepared by organizations that focus on the aftermath of emergencies.1

Emergency Preparedness Kits for Power Outages

Agencies like the Red Cross suggest preparedness plans for emergencies in general, since the needs of any emergency are very similar, no matter the cause. A common-sense preparedness kit for power outages would include:

Since we depend on digital devices, make sure to prepare remote charging packs for cell phones.

Emergency Preparedness Equipment for Power Outages

Beyond the preparedness supplies, preparedness equipment might need to be discussed.

Other Emergency Steps During Power Outages

Beyond supplies and equipment, your planning must be very versatile to handle a variety of situations

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