Prevent Electrical Fires with These 7 Tips

7 Critical Things to Test to Prevent Electrical Fires in Your Home

There are over 25,000 residential electrical fires in the United States each year. Many of these fires could have easily been prevented if safety precautions were being followed. Many of the tips we have assembled are easy and can be done quickly without calling for an electrician.

  1. Do Not Overload Outlets to Prevent Electrical Fires
    Extension cords are great for “extending” the reach of an outlet. However, by design, electrical circuits provide electricity to an outlet. This design can be overloaded by using too many extension cords or surge protectors. These overloads are preventable in almost all cases and it is one of the most common causes of electrical fires.
  2. Use GFCI Outlets Near Water
    A “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” outlet should be installed in areas where there is the potential of water coming in contact with the outlets or electrical appliances plugged into an outlet. These specially designed outlets instantly cut power if moisture is detected.
  3. Flammable Objects and Electrical Outlets Do Not Mix
    Overloaded circuits create heat. When an overloaded circuit heats up and furniture, window treatments, or décor are placed too close to an outlet, they can ignite quite easily. We recommend doing a touch test of your outlets on a regular basis to see if there is heat being generated. If so, you will need to call one of our experienced electricians right away.
  4. Unplug Devices When Not In Use to Prevent Electrical Fires
    The average home has 50 electrical appliances or devices plugged into an outlet at any given time. Although we do not recommend turning off major appliances, we do encourage you to unplug items like toasters, hairdryers, fans, and other smaller items when they are not in use. Items like space heaters, heated blankets, and portable air conditioners are notorious for starting electrical fires. This will not only reduce the chance of an electrical fire, it will also reduce your energy consumption which will lower your utility bill.
  5. Replace Older Appliances
    As electric appliances age, so do their electronic components. The more those parts age, the more chance they could fail, causing a potential electrical fire. Frayed cords, faulty plugs, and excessive heat coming from the appliance is an indicator that the appliance is in need of replacement.
  6. Limit the Use of Space Heaters to Prevent Electrical Fires
    Using a space heater is one of the leading causes of electrical fires. We strongly recommend only using a space heater when you are in the room… never leave it unsupervised. Reducing the power level is also highly recommended so the heater does not overheat the circuit that it is plugged into.
  7. Schedule a Regular Electrical Safety Inspection
    House fires caused over 2,800 deaths in 2020. Why put you and your family at risk? Scheduling a regular inspection of your home’s electrical system could save a life. Electrical safety inspections provide great peace of mind for you and your family, and they add a little extra incentive to buyers if you’re trying to sell your home as well.

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Prevent Electrical Fires

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