Proper Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Owning a home and having a passing familiarity with a residential heating and air conditioning system is a good foundation for understanding commercial HVAC systems. However, the size and complexity of commercial HVAC systems require much more information and expertise on hand to oversee this important building system. The time and training necessary to maintain them will stretch the average facility owner’s schedule and focus.

Residential and commercial systems have the same goals: maintaining a comfortable temperature, usually between 72- and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and relative humidity between 40 and 60 percent. They both serve the same functions: heating, cooling, ventilation, and removing moisture from extremely humid air. As part of the ventilation process, the system removes airborne contaminants from the air, making it much healthier. Beyond that, the commercial systems are vastly different from residential systems.

Size and Complexity Plays a Role in Commercial HVAC Maintenance

The size of HVAC systems is dependent on facility size and building use.

Basic Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

Proper Commercial HVAC Maintenance

The first step to maintaining a large HVAC system might be to locate all the rooftop units, the air handler room, the compressors, chillers, and boilers for the system(s). Maintenance will require identifying the filter sizes, and the refrigerant or fuels in use, and establishing an installation date for major components.

If you have neither the time nor expertise to adequately perform Commercial HVAC Maintenance, recruit some help from experienced technicians with specific training for systems like yours.

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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