Safe Lighting Options for Halloween

Safe Lighting Options for Halloween

Halloween has become a popular celebration and everything about it has become more elaborate. Better costumes, better decoration, and definitely better candy. USA Today estimates Americans will spend $10 billion this year on candy, decorations, and costumes, more than ever before.1

If you “go all out” to prepare for trick-or-treaters, you know that yard décor is essential for this once per year fright night. Carved pumpkins with candles inside will not do; the fire risk is too real, and it can be done so much better. Do-it-yourself fun is the way to go, and entertaining, affordable lighting options are available to help your haunt stand out.

Light-emitting diodes or LED lights are versatile, safe, and generally inexpensive. LED lights use little energy, and many can be powered by batteries. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.

Combine your imagination with LED lights and try a few of these safe lighting tricks:

Combine LED lights with a few accessories for some very fun effects and safe lighting options.

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Safe Lighting Options for Halloween


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