Food and Appliance Safety During a Power Outage

Food Safety During a Power Outage

Most American homes have a distinct advantage over the homes of a few generations back; we can store and preserve fresh foods inside our homes in freezers and refrigerators. These appliances have become a vital part of our normal schedules, and doing without them creates significant disruptions. When the occasional power outage happens, it is very important to know the safety limitations for frozen and refrigerated foods. Here are some tips to prepare for outages and set boundaries for food safety.

Prepare Ahead of Time for Safety During a Power Outage

Common causes of lengthy power outages include:

Buy some battery-powered thermometers that transmit a reading to a Smart device—a phone or a tablet. Purchase one for each refrigerator or freezer compartment.

Your emergency preparedness plan should include storing several days of drinking water for your family. Placing water inside both the refrigerator and freezer will help maintain a constant temperature.

Safety During a Power Outage: Know the Danger Zone

Heath departments and food handlers use the term “danger zone” for food that remains between 400 and 1400 F since bacteria can (and will) grow quickly between those temperatures.1

The Long-Range Plan for Safety During a Power Outage

A long-term solution for power outages might be to have a permanent standby generator installed for your home. The switch setting will sense the loss of power, disconnect your home from the power grid, and start-up immediately to provide uninterrupted electric service to your home. Generators come in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of homes large and small.

We Can Help With Safety During a Power Outage

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Safety During a Power Outage



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