Should I Repair or Replace my A/C System?

Should I Repair or Replace my A/C SystemIt’s the middle of summer and your A/C system calls it quits. Now what? Well, depending on what’s wrong with the system you’re essentially going to have two options if you want to beat the heat, repair or replacement. A call to your local heating and cooling service company will help you figure out what’s best, but here are a few things you can mull on your own as you await assistance.


If you can hear the A/C unit whirring but you’re not getting air, or much air, it is important to consider that the problem may not be with the air conditioner itself, but instead with the ductwork that the air passes through. Any blockages can prevent efficient cooling of your home, resulting in prolonged running of the A/C unit that will cause your utility bill to spike. If you haven’t had duct cleaning completed in several years you should be sure to mention that to your air conditioning repairman so they can consider it.

Efficiency of New vs. Old

If your home is equipped with an older air conditioning unit that seems temperamental at best, a replacement may be just what you need. Older units are a far cry from the highly efficient A/C systems manufactured today. When you consider that modern cooling capabilities allow for targeted air control, meaning only the parts of the house that are being used are being cooled, you can see how you can save a bundle on your utility bills.

Cost Analysis

Of course, as with any home maintenance that has options, budget will need to be considered. While a repair may seem like the cheaper option now, it’s likely that more parts will begin to fail as the unit continues to age. Replacing the system can in fact save you money in the long run, especially when considering the decrease in utility bills that you will encounter thanks to heightened efficiency.

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