Smart Electric Meters: 4 Benefits of Installation

Smart Electric Meters: Benefits and Features

The cost of electric utilities is based on peak load. The electric utility must prepare for THE highest anticipated usage. Usually, this cost is tethered to weather factors, such as the cold in the North and the heat in the South. Peak power plants are built but seldom used. They make sure the supply always meets the demand. However, the cost of starting up and running an idle plant is THE highest cost of electric generation.

Smart Electric Meters are an application developed so that electric utility companies, commercial and residential customers can partner together to maximize the efficient use of electricity and minimize generation costs. Smart Meters replace the mesmerizing analog meters of years gone by, with the three turning wheels.

Smart Meters send a radio signal at designated intervals to the electric utility and to the customer, if prepared. Customers can use the information to do their part in maximizing efficiency and reducing electricity costs.

Here are some ways informed customers are reducing their costs with Smart Electric Meters.

Smart Electric Meter Benefit 1: Electric utilities often post hourly cost for electricity, based on peak and off-peak usage. Informed customers with high-end appliances or programming devices can program HVAC and appliance used to maintain comfort and reduce cost.

A sudden spike in electricity usage can detect a problem in a system or appliance and warn a customer of potential failure. With more information and greater control of costs, there are fewer surprises for customers.

Smart Electric Meter Benefit 2: When a large number of Smart Meters cease giving radio signals in a particular area, it triggers an alarm with the utility provider much faster than call-ins from businesses and homeowners. Repair crews can pinpoint the outage area and locate the most likely problem first. Outages are shorter and power is restored more quickly.

Smart Electric Meter Benefit 3: Smart Meters are designed to be upgradeable. As technology advances, other utilities (water, natural gas) can be measured from one meter. Real-time measurements of these utilities can not only give customers the ability to reduce cost, but also detect leaks quickly and avoid damage.

Smart Electric Meter Benefit 4: Smart Meters also helps the environment, which reduces costs. Analog meters required an employee from the utility company to physically “read” the meter. That employee now monitors the radio signal from thousands of customers from a single location.

The financial and environmental costs are sharply reduced. In addition, peak plants tend to be less efficient and more fossil fuel dependent. Reducing the need for peak plants saves both costs and improves air quality.

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Smart Electric Meters: Benefits and Features

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