5 Reasons to Schedule Your Spring AC Maintenance Today

Spring AC Maintenance

Your air conditioner system is an important element of your home. Not only does it cool your house, but it also cleans the air and removes humidity. To understand how important it is, consider doing without it for the summer. Since your air conditioner is important, treat it as an important piece of equipment by scheduling an annual cleaning and tune-up.

The spring of the year is an excellent time to schedule a Spring AC Maintenance since the peak cooling period is still a few months away. Letting an HVAC technician clean and inspect your air conditioner will ensure it can handle the high temps and humidity all summer long. Consider these five reasons that commend an annual AC tune-up to every homeowner.

Maintain The Warranty

New HVAC systems usually come with a warranty that will pay some of the expenses of needed repairs, should something go awry. Most manufacturers require an annual preventative maintenance visit from a certified technician to keep the warranty intact. Two things that will usually void the warranty are neglecting maintenance visits and trying to perform repairs yourself. Qualified technicians understand how to maintain your air conditioner and how to maintain your warranty.

Spring AC Maintenance Equates to Longevity

Dirt and dust will find a way to enter every area of your air conditioner, both indoor and outdoor components. You might think “it’s just dust, no big deal!” However, these small particles create big problems, making each section of the AC system work harder to achieve its objective. Over a long period of time, the stress produced by dust and debris causes premature wear on key components and that will shorten the functional lifespan of your system.

The range of useful years for a well-built HVAC system is between 15 and 30 years. The #1 key factor influencing how long an HVAC system will last is keeping up yearly maintenance. Since this system is a major investment in your home, it does not make sense to skip annual Spring AC Maintenance.

Conduct Regular Spring AC Maintenance to Avoid Breakdowns

If preventative maintenance helps prolong the life of your AC system, it also makes sense they will prevent unexpected breakdowns. While cleaning and inspecting the system parts, the technician will examine switches and electrical parts, test refrigerant pressure, and measure the temperature change. A technician finding a small problem before it leads to a big problem is much preferred to having that small problem shutting your AC off for a day or longer. Most technicians have dealt with multiple breakdowns that could have been prevented with annual Spring AC Maintenance. If you want to keep your AC going strong all summer long, don’t omit your annual tune-up.

Better Spring AC Maintenance Means Better Energy Efficiency

Remember reading that dust and dirt cause your AC to work harder? Since the AC must work harder, it uses more energy.

A thorough inspection and cleaning will remove the dirt that reduces your system’s energy efficiency.

Spring AC Maintenance Will Lower Your Bill

An annual Spring AC Maintenance appointment will reduce energy use, so it reduces your energy bill. It prevents unexpected repairs, so it reduces your repair bills. It prolongs the functional years for your HVAC system, so it delays the cost of replacing your system.

Questions About Spring AC Maintenance?

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5 Reasons to Schedule Your Spring AC Maintenance Today

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