4 Tips to Stop Smoke Alarms from Chirping

Stop Smoke Alarms from Chirping in 4 Easy Steps

Have you noticed that when your smoke alarm begins making a short chirping noise every 30 seconds, it generally happens at 2 AM? It is no less annoying at 2 PM, but it is less likely to awaken you from your sleep. Knowing why your smoke alarm is chirping and how to fix it, may keep you from a sleepless night.

Check first. Before you ignore a smoke alarm, always check to ensure the noise is a FALSE ALARM. A normal alarm will give off long and regular alerts, while false alarms are short and regular. Either way, check your property for fire, smoke, or any other evidence of a fire.

There are several reasons a smoke alarm will send out a false alarm with a short chirping noise. We will explore each one and the solution for each. Two types of fire/smoke alarms are commonly installed in residential properties—electric-powered units with battery backup and battery-powered units only.

Stop Smoke Alarms from Chirping by Checking the Batteries

Both types of smoke alarms use 9-volt batteries; alarms connected to the household electrical grid use batteries as a backup to continue monitoring the air during power outages. Weak or failing batteries are the leading cause of these types of chirping alerts.

Stop Smoke Alarms from Chirping by Checking the Sensors

If the chirping sound continues, the next step is to clean the smoke alarm. Smoke detectors have a very small sensor that is constantly scanning the air inside the detector, searching for airborne particles in sufficient quantity to indicate a problem. The smoke alarm near your kitchen might sound when you burn toast in the toaster. The sensor cannot distinguish between smoke particles and dust particles; if the smoke alarm has dust buildup, it can trigger intermittent alarms. To check for this problem:

Stop Smoke Alarms from Chirping by checking with Air Pro Houston’s Electrical Team


If the batteries are fresh and the sensor is clean, further solutions will require professional inspection and service.

We Can Help to Stop Smoke Alarms from Chirping

Our four decades of experience as a Houston Electrician and contractor AirPro Houston provides you with the skill and expertise to help with Stop Smoke Alarms from Chirping in your home and business.

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4 Tips to Stop Smoke Alarms from Chirping

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