What is Routine Furnace Maintenance?

What is Routine Furnace MaintenanceAs we head into the cooler months it is important that you have your furnace serviced to ensure that you don’t end up shivering through the nights. Routine maintenance for your home’s furnace is critical to ensuring that it operates at maximum efficiency. Not only will this keep you warm all winter long, but it will help you save on your heating bill and decrease the chances of a breakdown or need for bigger repairs. So what does furnace maintenance include? Read on…

Inspection of parts

Electric and gas furnaces utilize a number of different parts. During scheduled service an HVAC technician will inspect anything that needs grease, moves or could otherwise cause a problem. Any issues that are discovered can quickly be remedied by replacing worn parts or completing minor repairs.

HVAC Filter Replacement

Most home HVAC systems have a filter that should be replaced on an annual basis. The fall season is the perfect time to do so, as summer tends to be a bit more dusty, resulting in a clogged filter that decreases efficiency and interior air quality.


The technician will complete additional cleaning services on and around the furnace and related components as necessary. This too increases efficiency and prevents the need for additional repairs later on.


Any manual controls on the furnace will be reset and adjusted as necessary to ensure you get the proper temperatures and airflow throughout your home.

Safety Analysis

A safety analysis is critical, as an unhealthy furnace can pose a risk to the home. A safety analysis is just one more way to ensure you’re safe in your home.

Proper HVAC maintenance is key to a comfortable home and efficient heating system. To schedule furnace repair service in Houston before the temperatures really dip contact the team at Air Pro. Our technicians are ready to help, no matter what heating or air conditioning issue you may have. Give us a call at (281) 880-8805 to request an estimate for HVAC service in Houston.

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