What is the Cost of Attic Insulation Installation?

The Cost of Attic Insulation Installation

There are several indications that a home needs an insulation upgrade:

Among other information, the Department of Energy gathers extensive information about methods to reduce energy loss in homes like yours. In this article, we will explore only one method—improving attic insulation.

The Importance of Insulation

This is an oversimplification, but an easy way to understand insulation is to consider that heat is always moving, and it always moves toward cold. Insulation is a barrier that slows this movement. Some building materials slow the movement better than others. Glass, for instance, is a poor insulator and heat travels easily both ways; heat goes out on a cold day and comes in on a hot day.

New window designs improve their insulating properties, but glass still allows heat to travel readily. We apply insulation anywhere we wish to limit the movement of heat energy. This is true of the entire building envelope, as well as around appliances, and pipes.

The State of Your Attic Insulation and How it Affect the Attic Insulation Installation

When your home was built, the contractor followed, at least, the minimum standard of attic insulation; It was required to pass the building inspections. However, several factors may lead to your attic having inadequate insulation:

The Department of Energy has a good guide for determining whether you have adequate insulation.

Take a look at the chart and visit your attic with a ruler or measuring tape. Measure the depth of the insulation and observe whether the attic is evenly covered.

What if I need an upgrade in Attic Insulation Installation

If you determine that your attic has inadequate insulation, consider adding insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your home. As much as 30% of the heat loss from your home is moving through the attic.  During the summer, the extreme heat of your attic is moving down into your house as well. An upgrade can increase the comfort of your home and save you money. It is time to get a second opinion.

Professional Installation

Installing new insulation carries risks and, without proper technique, can create a significant mess. A call to Air Pro for consultation will result in:

Questions About Attic Insulation Installation?

Our four decades of experience as an Air Conditioning contractor, AirPro Houston provides you with the skill and expertise to answer your Attic Insulation Installation questions.

We have several financing options available with great options with up to 72-month terms with approved credit. Call us today at  281-880-8805 and let us partner with you for all of your Attic Insulation Installation needs.

Cost of Attic Insulation Installation
Cost of Attic Insulation

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