Whole Home Generators Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide for Whole Home Generators

Several years ago, a standby generator was considered an expensive luxury. After our region experienced a number of widespread, severe weather events with power outages that lasted for weeks, generators are now considered a necessary emergency planning tool. A whole home generator can make your home a safe and comfortable refuge, even in scenes of chaos and disaster.

Generators are available in two major types: small, portable standby generators and larger, Whole Home Generators.

If you have determined that a Whole Home Generator best meets your family’s needs, here are three steps to help you decide which model best fits your situation.

First Step: Determine Which Fuel is Available. Many portable generators are fueled by propane bottles or gasoline and the small fuel tanks needed to be refilled often. Whole house generators offer a few different fuels—fuel choices are propane, natural gas, and diesel fuel. You will need to make sure the fuel of your choice is available locally and can be used on your property.

Second Step: Determine the Right Size Whole Home Generator. If your goal is to power your home as if the power grid was still delivering power, how much power will be needed? This question might prove difficult; consider consulting your electrician. Whole Home Generator are sized by kW (1000 watts). To determine the need, you might:

Third Step: Determine the Appropriate Transfer Switch. Being prepared for a power outage emergency is great planning. Generating electricity on your property is a tremendous step toward keeping your family safe. What your generator CAN NOT do is send power to the utility grid that can endanger other homes or repairmen working on downed lines.

A transfer switch “unplugs” your home from the utility grid to ensure power generated for your home does not migrate off of your property.

The purchase and installation of a Whole Home Generator is an exciting enhancement, fully appreciated the first time it is utilized. Choose a local contractor, familiar with municipal installation codes, available fuel sources, and a working relationship with the local utility service provider.

Interested in a Whole Home Generator Before Hurricane Season?

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